"In these tight, sexy fictions that make up One Dead Tree, David Menear’s stories and characters uncover hitherto unexplored aspects of the Canadian urban experience." Mark McCawley, Urban Graffiti

A World of Yes , an erotic novel by Amanda Earl

A World of Yes , an erotic novel by Amanda Earl

It’s the early aughts. Palm Pilots are prevalent and people are still getting entangled in the cords of their telephones. Bonnie Clowd is a single woman living in Ottawa, Canada’s national capital. She has untameable hair, prefers big t-shirts to slinky dresses, and can’t seem to get the knack of polishing her nails without looking like an accident victim. She works at Blewstorm.com, an online dating site where “passion is just a storm away.” Her boss, Byron is a dreamy but married metrosexual who Bonnie would love to sleep with. Her occasional lover, Sean is a divorced civil servant who is wrapped up in his job and still in love with his ex. Her closest friend, Charlene, a nymphomaniac with dating advice that rivals Cosmo, insists on throwing Bonnie a party for her thirty-fifth birthday. Bonnie’s not very keen. She’s not sure what she wants to do with her life. Her Aunt Winnifred insists that it’s time Bonnie got married, had children and moved to the suburbs. She keeps setting her up with widowers whose best quality is that they own their own homes. 

Bonnie’s depressed and eating too many cheezies. Looking around at the party, she notices all the guests are coupled up. She takes a bottle of wine into her bedroom and guzzles it until she passes out. When she wakes up the next morning, the place is a wreck, no one is to be found, and she discovers that she’s missed an orgy. Her friends are keeping mum, but she keeps finding various clues: used condoms, feathers, lube, even a Polaroid of a naked pal. Between fucks in alleys with twenty-something hotties, dim sum with divorced men, giving kisses to strangers at a sex show, and train rides to Toronto and Montreal, Bonnie tries to figure out what the hell happened at the party and what kind of life she’d like to lead. 

“A World of Yes” is a cross between “Bridget Jones’s Diary” and “Fear of Flying” with a dash of “The Story of O.” There’s hot sex, good pastry, overproof rum, references to the Wizard of Oz, and betrayal. It will whet your appetite for a few good wanks, zipless fucks with strangers, and an extra- large meat-lovers pizza for breakfast. 

"Amanda Earl somehow manages to keep the sexual heat turned up, even when Bonnie veers close to the edge of ridiculous. Having edited her collection of short stories, I already knew that Ms. Earl could write gorgeous, intense, transgressive erotica, the sort of stories that melt you as you read. I didn’t realize she had such comic talent. Bonnie had me laughing out loud, even though I knew her sexual-existential crisis was fundamentally a serious issue." Lisabet Sarai gives A World of Yes a glowing review on her Beyond Romance blog, February, 2016.

Available as an e-book via Amazon.com and Smashwords.com

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